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Other marketing options

Bulk-purchasing subscriptions for your clients

Give a client a gift and they’ll remember you… once.  One-off gifts, while appreciated at the time, are quickly forgotten. API subscriptions, on the other hand, remind the recipient of your business month after month.

Here’s an example of how a clever real estate agent uses Twitter and complimentary API subscriptions to get the edge on his competitors in gaining new clients:



API’s normal minimum subscription term/price is 1 year for $89. However, for bulk-purchases of 10 or more subscriptions to be given away as gifts, we can offer a special 6-month subscription for just $39.

That means you can give your clients a 6-month API subscription for about the price of one good bottle of wine!

The recipient’s address label will contain your details, so they’re reminded each month of who gave them the subscription:



An excellent way to boost the response rate of your advertisements is to offer a free subscription to API as part of the deal. For example,

“Book in a free market appraisal on your property before 31 December and you’ll receive a FREE 6-month subscription to Australian Property Investor magazine!”


“Call now – book your appointment before 30 June and you’ll receive a FREE 1-year subscription to Australian Property Investor magazine!”

Every month, when a new issue of API arrives in their letterbox, your customers will be reminded again and again of your generosity – and of the services your business offers. It’s a great way to keep your company’s name fresh in their minds, and to encourage them to recommend your services to their own friends and other contacts. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool.

A few examples of how API gift subscriptions can be used to keep your customers thinking about you (and appreciating your generosity):

  • Real estate agents – give an API subscription to people who list their properties with you, or buy through you.
  • Property developers and marketers – give an API subscription to people who attend sales presentations.
  • Mortgage brokers – give an API subscription to people who lodge a loan application through you.
  • Quantity surveyors – give an API subscription to people who buy a depreciation report.
  • Seminar and workshop organisers – include a free API subscription for all attendees. If they’re already API subscribers, they can use it to extend their existing subscriptions.

Bulk-purchased subscriptions are available at attractive discounts off our normal subscription rates. The normal minimum term of an API subscription is one year, however for bulk purchases shorter terms are available.

You’ll be surprised how affordable it is to throw in a free API subscription to attract more customers.

* Note: Terms and conditions apply to bulk subscription rates. Contact us for more details.

Bulk-purchasing copies of the current issue

Want to really impress your customers? Give them a copy of the current issue of API. Purchases of just ten copies or more can quality you for bulk-purchase prices as low as 45% off the cover price.

Free copy giveaways are a great way to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Here’s an example:



View a website example here.

Handing out free back issues

Back issues are normally sold through our Business Mall online store for $8.75 each. Occasionally we have enough surplus copies that we can make them available free of charge for selected companies to hand out to their customers, often at workshops and seminars, for direct mailouts, or simply to hand out to prospective clients who visit your office.

For example, if you hand out 100 back issues at your seminar, you’re offering your clients around $875 worth of a well-known, valuable and trusted information resource. They’ll appreciate it!

It’s better than a business card!

Instead of just giving a business card to your day-to-day prospects, give them a back issue of API with your business card stapled to it.

Please contact us if you’re interesting in receiving some back issues of API to hand out. Please allow at least 6 days for delivery. Alternatively, you can make your own arrangements to collect the magazines from our Brisbane office.