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It's easy to track results with online advertising

One of the great advantages of online advertising is that you can see exactly how many people clicked on the ad and visited your website. If you have a website, your ISP has probably already provided you with a "web stats" facility that lets you track how many visits your site is getting, and which sites are referring them.

For tracking your site's web stats (including visitors, referring sites and much more) we use and recommend Google Analytics. This is a free service provided by Google. In our opinion it provides a much better web stats facility than that offered by most ISPs. If you haven't used it before, we strongly recommend you try it out!

List your business in API's online Business Directory

API readers and website visitors are always looking for property-related businesses such as buyer's agents, accountants, solicitors, conveyancers, depreciation specialists, seminars & workshops, mortgage brokers and of course property developers. So we've created our online Business Directory to help our readers and website visitors find the products and services they need.

For as little as $85/month, you can list your business in the Business Directory. Sandi Smith at, mobile 0416 124 018 or (07) 3335 2901 to place your listing.

Free listing in our Business Directory with print ad bookings

Have you booked a print an in API? You don't need to wait until your API ad appears in print to start getting new business. As soon as you signed and return your Booking Form, we'll give your business a FREE listing in our online Business Directory. Your listing will remain online until the end of month in which your print ad appears, so the sooner you sign the booking form, the longer your ad will be online.

Paid advertising - online display ads (banners, towers, etc.)

Alternatively, paid advertising is available in the following formats:

View advertising positions

Width: 728px
Height: 90px
Image: Max file 40K
Please supply destination URLs*
Quantity available: 4 x shared rotation
Homepage and all site pages $1800/month
Homepage only $1250/month
Site pages only $550/month

View advertising positions

Width: 300px
Height: 250px
Image: Max file size 40K
Please supply destination URL*
Quantity available: 4 x shared rotation
Homepage and all site pages $2500/month
Homepage only $1750/month
Site pages only $750/month
3. TEXT LINK – all pages
Image: None
Heading link: Strictly 25 characters
Text: Strictly 40 characters
Please supply destination URL.
Quantity available: 4 x rotation
Cost: $250/month

*Flash files must be supplied with clickTag in order for banners to click through – more information available here.

All animated graphics must have a minimum 60-second rest period between animation cycles.  During this period the graphic must remain static and unchanging, before the animation cycle repeats again.

Rates apply to a 30-day period or pro rata. Dependent on availability. Rates, positions and sizes are effective from 1.11.08 and are subject to revision without notice.