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October 10, 2016

Colour blocking can make a splash

Over the years fashion runways have been sprinkled with the colour blocking and now this striking trend has joined home styling. As the flowers continue bloom, so too should the walls, highlighting features and creating an impact in a room.

Justine Stedman, director and principal stylist at Vault Interiors, has some top tips for effective colour blocking in the home.

“When done correctly, colour blocking can elicit some serious wow factor,” she says.

“Like in fashion, the technique allows colours to be paired for their contrast and capacity to direct the eye. The possibilities are endless!”

“The presentation of your property is so important in preparation for a sale [or rental listing]… especially during the busiest selling time of the year.”

Justine’s top tips for colour blocking in 2016 include:

1. KEEP IT MILD: For those who prefer a paired-back, subtle interior! The mild approach is a great way to incorporate colour blocking trends; adding some vibrancy while not being over the top! Keep the tones within the same colour family and choose different hues of the same colour. Pastels such as soft pinks, blues and yellows work well with a base, neutral palette.

2. GO WILD: Select a bold colour scheme to make a dramatic impact, but it’s important not to choose too many shades competing for your eye’s attention. To create a well-balanced, harmonious space, choose shades that work well with a neutral palette. Selecting one or two focal items whose tones are complementary to the other items in the room works best.

3. ADD FLAVOUR WITH ACCESSORIES: An easy way of adding colour blocking into your home is through accent sofas, chairs, pillows, table décor and curtains with contrasting solid colours, turning a dull space into a modern masterpiece! A plain sofa can be easily spruced up with solid, bright pieces, colourful set of pillows and a throw. Another fantastic option is a bold piece of wall art.

4. PACK A PUNCH WITH WALLS: To leave a lasting impression, try painting one or two accent walls using desired contrasting shades – great for the more adventurous types! To tie it together, scatter complementary items throughout the room – wallpaper is a great option for this look. Stick to one feature wall to avoid going overboard.

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